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Retiree Benefit Participation Rules

If you ever terminate your coverage under the Retiree Benefit Plan, you are not permitted to rejoin the plan at a later date. The only exception is if you return to work for a Merit company and requalify for benefits under either the Hour Bank or Office Supervisory plans. Once those benefits terminate, you will once again be eligible to join the Retiree Benefit Plan.

You may only join the Retiree Plan within 90 days of becoming eligible.

Your level of coverage (Gold, Silver, Bronze) may be changed a maximum of once every two years, unless your family status changes (e.g. death of a spouse).

Your level of coverage may be changed a maximum of one level at a time (e.g. Bronze to Silver). You cannot change from Bronze to Gold.

The effective date of your coverage cannot be changed once coverage has been elected.

Retiree Plan coverage may not be elected during any period where you have self-paid for Hour Bank Plan benefits as a result of your Hour Bank balance falling below 150 hours, disability, or leave.