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Best Doctors®

Core Services

Best Doctors' core services are included in the Merit Hour Bank, Office Supervisory and Retiree Benefit Plans.  Access is provided to over 53,000 physicians in more than 450 specialties and subspecialties worldwide.  When a serious illness is diagnosed or suspected, Best Doctors can help you be sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan.  If you are dealing with a chronic condition, questioning surgery or facing a life-threatening illness, Best Doctors can guide you in the right direction. 

Best Doctors can also assist in locating specialists or treatment facilities and getting answers to your medical questions.  Click on one of the links below for more information about Best Doctors services:

To view the Best Doctors brochure, click here.


Contacting Best Doctors

If you wish to contact Best Doctors to utilize one or more of the above services, call toll free 1.877.419.BEST (2378) to speak to a Member Advocate (a Registered Nurse).

Prior to calling Best Doctors, be sure to have the following identification information on hand:

For InterConsultation, FindBestDoc, FindBestCare, Best Doctors 360° or Ask the Expert services:

  • Identify yourself as a Merit Contractors Association Benefit Plan member.  Your plan number (158080) and your Merit member identification number will be required. 

For more information on Best Doctors, contact Mercon Benefit Services or visit


Best Doctors respects your privacy.  Information about your illness or treatment will not be disclosed to your employer, Merit Contractors Association or Mercon Benefit Services.  To view the Best Doctors Privacy Policy, click here.


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