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Benefit Plan Administration During a Postal Service Disruption


As indicated in recent news reports, Canadians may soon be faced with a postal service disruption.   The potential exists for mail delivery to cease anytime after early July. 

Deadlines for submission of hours and premiums cannot be altered.  Therefore, in the event that a postal disruption occurs, it is strongly recommended that companies have contingency plans in place to ensure delivery of mail to Mercon Benefit Services. 

Below is a list of common transactions and how they will be affected if mail service is unavailable.

Hour Bank Benefit Plan

  • Remittance of Hours: Since hours worked by employees are remitted electronically via the Mercon website, remittances will be unaffected by a postal service disruption.

  • Premium Payment by Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD):  As PAD premium payments are processed electronically, they will be unaffected by a postal service disruption.

  • Premium Payment by Cheque: If you normally pay by cheque and wish to continue with this method of payment, please arrange for cheques to be sent to Mercon via prepaid courier(courier deliveries cannot be accepted on a COD basis).  Edmonton-area companies also have the option to personally deliver payments to Mercon’s office at 104 – 13025 St. Albert Trail in Edmonton.

  • Changing Premium Payments to PAD:  If you currently pay by cheque but wish to change your method of payment to PAD, please complete a Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement which can be found in the Employer Portal on the Mercon website,  To do so, please log in and scroll down to “Request Supplies and Forms” on the menu and then select “Forms”. 

  • Payment by eTransfer or Direct Deposit:  Unfortunately, Mercon is unable to accept these modes of payment.

  • Divisional Listings: If postal service is disrupted, Mercon will be unable to mail Divisional Listings.  Employers can check employees’ benefit status in the Employer Portal of the Mercon website.  If you wish to view your Divisional Listings, please contact Mercon to have a copy emailed or faxed to you.

  • Notification of Employee Status Changes:  During a postal disruption, Mercon will be unable to notify employees of benefit status changes (e.g. initial eligibility, termination/self-payment option and reinstatement).  Please encourage your Hour Bank employees to register on the Employee Portal of the Mercon website to monitor their benefit status.

  • Employee Hour Bank Self-Payment:  The Self-Pay Option form can be found on the Mercon website in the Public Portal.  First select “Forms” from the menu, then select “Merit Self-Pay Option”.  Alternatively, employees can call or email Mercon for assistance in setting up self-payment.

  • Health and Dental Claims: To minimize the impact of a postal service disruption, please encourage your employees to submit claims online.  In addition, employees can also elect to have claim payments deposited directly to their bank account.  Employees must register on the Great-West Life self-service website “GroupNet for Plan Members” to set up these options. For registration instructions, go to the Mercon website and enter the Public Portal.  Select “Great-West Life” from the menu.  Click on registration instructions link in the first paragraph.

Office Supervisory Benefit Plan

  • Monthly Invoices:  Mercon will be unable to distribute full monthly invoices in the event that postal service is unavailable.  However, the cover page showing the amount due will be sent to participating companies by email.  If you wish to receive the corresponding detail pages, please contact Mercon by phone or email.

Enrollment Cards

  • For the duration of a postal service disruption, please ask employees to return enrolment cards to you.   Please send completed enrolment cards to Mercon as soon as possible via prepaid courier.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Mercon at 1.877.263.7266 (toll-free) or 780.455.5845 (Edmonton) or email