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Hour Bank Benefit Plan: Extended Health Care Benefit

The Hour Bank Benefit Plan's extended health care benefit is self-insured.  Claims are adjudicated by Great-West Life.

The payment of any extended health care claims is subject to reasonable and customary pricing, any benefit levels and maximum benefit amounts.

Extended health care benefits assist plan members and dependents in paying for medical expenses that are not covered under their provincial health care plan.  For more information on coverage features, select one of the following:


Extended Health Care Claims

All extended health care claims for any calendar year must be received by Great-West Life no later than June 30 of the following year in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

Claims submission can be made by the following methods:

Online Claims:  Claims can be submitted online via the Great-West Life website GroupNet for Plan Members.   Online claims receive expedited processing.  Once approved, payment is deposited to the employee's bank account within 1 to 3 business days of claim submission.

Paper Claims:  A Merit Health Services Claim Form can be found in the Forms section, or by clicking here.  Forms must be fully completed and mailed to Great-West Life along with original receipts.  Once claims are approved, Great-West Life will mail a cheque to the employee.  Payment can be expected within approximately two weeks.

If your claim form is sent to Mercon Benefit Services, it will be forwarded to Great-West Life by regular mail. 


Coordination of Benefits

If you and/or your dependents have Extended Health Care coverage under more than one benefit plan, you can claim reimbursement of expenses from both plans, up to 100% of the eligible expense.

Guidelines are in place to determine the order in which claims should be submitted when multiple plans are in place.  Click here for more information on Coordination of Benefits.


For a complete description of the extended health care benefit, along with a list of exclusions, refer to your benefit booklet.