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Employee and Family Assistance Services

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is available to employees and eligible dependents to manage work, health and life issues with complete confidentiality.  EFAP services include professional counselling, work/life support services and specialized programs to assist with your everyday issues, complex concerns, and everything in between.  EFAP provides expert advice, consultation, information and resources. 

Merit's EFAP program is provided by Shepell·fgi.  Short-term counselling services are available through a network of professionals with a master’s degree or doctorate in the fields of psychology, clinical social work or educational psychology. Many counsellors are also certified in addictions counselling, marriage and family therapy, bereavement issues, anger management and other specialized areas.  Shepell·fgi offices are located in most major centres across Canada.  

Counselling Services

Shepell·fgi will provide assessment and counselling across a broad spectrum of personal, health and work-related concerns which include but are not limited to:

  • Personal and emotional difficulties
  • Relationship issues
  • Stress
  • Childcare and eldercare
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Alcohol/drug issues
  • Gambling addiction
  • Work-related concerns
  • Financial issues
  • Single parenting
  • Legal issues (information and advice only, no legal activities such as completion of wills, etc.)

Online Services

Also available is a comprehensive online wellness library:  Go online and discover practical solutions for managing career issues, handling life as a parent, making better food choices and much more.  Register at using “Merit Contractors Association” as the employer.

Trauma Response Services

Shepell·fgi is available to respond immediately to traumatic events providing group and/or individual debriefings.

Traumatic events include, but are not limited to: 

  • Accidental injury or death
  • Violence in in the workplace
  • Sudden death
  • Situations of fraud
  • Physical or sexual harassment at work
  • Major organizational restructuring
  • Natural disasters

Accessing the EFAP

The EFAP is available 24/7/365 through these simple access points:

  • Call the Shepell·fgi Care Access Centre toll-free at 1.877.916.9116;
  • Online Access (Canada only) via;
  • E-Counselling via,, or My EAP*;
  • First Chat, an online chat support service, via;
  • For crisis situations requiring immediate attention call 911 or the Shepell·fgi Care Access Centre at 1.877.916.9116.

Note: When calling Shepell·fgi, tell them you are a participant in the Merit Contractors Association Benefit Plan.  You are not listed under your company name.

*My EAP is a free application for mobile devices that delivers interactive tools, support resources and access to EFAP services.  Go to the app store for your particular device to download the application.


Confidentiality of EFAP services is taken very seriously.  You will be able to discuss your personal problems and concerns in complete confidence, within the limits of the law, in a caring and professional environment, away from your workplace.

Shepell·fgi has strict guidelines in place to ensure your privacy.  When you access EFAP services, only you and your counsellor will know.  No personal information is ever released to your spouse, your children, your employer, Mercon Benefit Services or Merit Contractors Association.

No two employees from the same organization will be seen at the same time at the same office or have appointments back-to-back.  This means you will not run into one of your coworkers while at your counselling appointment.

Cost of Accessing the EFAP 

There is no cost to you or your eligible dependents to access the services of the EFAP.  The cost of any service not supplied by Shepell·fgi or covered by the Merit Benefit Plan is your responsibility.