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Best Doctors: InterConsultation™

Get an Expert Second Medical Opinion from a Leading Medical Specialist

Through the Best Doctors® InterConsultation service, employees and their eligible dependents are provided with the expertise of world-class specialists, resources, information and clinical guidance.

When calling Best Doctors, you will be connected with a Member Advocate (a Registered Nurse), who will assume responsibility for your case.  Your Member Advocate will arrange for the collection of your medical files, imaging studies and pathology samples (which are retested at a centre of excellence).  A team of Best Doctors experts conducts an in-depth analysis of your records and creates a clinical summary of your case.  The clinical summary is provided to a leading expert in your condition.  The expert will analyze your case and provide a detailed, confidential report with his or her recommendations.  Best Doctors will share the report with you, and if desired, with your treating physician.

The InterConsultation process complements the care you receive from your own physician by providing a second expert review that brings greater certainty to your diagnosis and treatment plan. 

To contact Best Doctors and speak to a Member Advocate, call toll free 1.877.419.BEST (2378).

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