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Best Doctors: Elite Diagnostic Imaging Service™

Get an MRI or CT Scan in Days, Not Months

When an MRI or CT scan is needed, even a short wait time can greatly impact outcomes such as pain, disability, lost wages or more.  In many provinces, non-urgent scans can take months.  With the Elite Diagnostic Imaging Service (EDIS) from Best Doctors®, any diagnostic imaging that is recommended by your physician is booked within three business days at a private clinic.  Within two days of completing the scan, you will have the radiologist's report outlining the results.  This expedited access to diagnostic imaging enables physicians to make prompt, informed decisions about your diagnosis and treatment.

EDIS is available on the Merit Office Supervisory Benefit Plan only.

This benefit is not included in all plans.  Please refer to your Benefit Confirmation Statement or contact Mercon Benefit Services for verification of whether you are eligible for EDIS.

To contact Best Doctors, call toll free 1.877.419.BEST (2378).

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