Merit – 1-888-816-9991 Mercon Benefits – 1-877-263-7266

Mercon Benefit Services

Mercon Benefit Services is the administrator of the Merit Contractors Association Benefit Plans.

Mercon staff provide a number of valuable services including:

  • Enrolling individual employees and their dependents;
  • Providing detailed benefit coverage information;
  • Tracking the number of hours in employee Hour Bank accounts;
  • Advising employees when their benefits commence and when coverage will lapse;
  • Assisting employees with self-payment of premiums;
  • Providing employees with assistance in completing claim forms and throughout the claim process; and
  • Providing information about Merit Contractors Association's many affinity programs.

Mercon's experienced staff are your main point-of-contact when you have questions about your benefit plan.

Phone: 1.877.263.7266 (toll-free) or 780.455.5845 (Edmonton)

Fax:     780.455.6068


Phone lines are open 7:30 am to 4:30 pm (Mountain Time) Monday to Friday.

Mercon News


Within two to three weeks of joining the Merit Contractors Association Benefit Plan, you will be receiving a temporary pay-direct drug card from Great-West Life. Your permanent drug card will arrive within four weeks and will indicate that you are a member of the Merit Plan.


Postal Service Disruption

Benefit Plan Administration During a Postal Service Disruption As indicated in recent news reports, Canadians may soon be faced with a postal service disruption. The potential exists for mail delivery to cease anytime after early July.


We will not be sending 2016 Electronic Remittance Forms.

The new website automatically generates an updated 2016 remittance form, with the current rates, when employee hours are uploaded. If you are wanting to create a file to upload on the website, you can copy and paste the “Employee Data” table of an old remittance form, into a new excel spreadsheet and submit it onto the website. You will have the ability to print off the remittance form on the website, once the hours are accepted.


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