Administrator of the Merit Contractors Association Benefit Plan

  • Effective August 1, 2017, premiums and fees for Saskatchewan Hour Bank and Office Supervisory divisions will be subject to 6% PST. This also applies to premiums and fees for Optional Benefits and the Retiree Benefit Plan. Please contact Mercon for more information.

  • Formed in 1986, the Merit Contractors Association Benefit Plan serves over 1,500 member companies and 60,000 employees across Canada.

  • The Merit Benefit Plan provides the gold standard in employee benefits for the Canadian open shop construction industry.


    General information about the Merit Contractors Association Benefit Plans is included here. These plans are administered by Mercon Benefit Services.

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    If you are an employee of a Merit member company, log in to this secure employee portal to view your profile and benefit plan coverages. Employee Portal for employees of companies that are registered with Mercon Benefit Services. All employees who have their benefits plan administered by Mercon Benefit Services can use this Employee Portal. The Employee Portal is for viewing your current status and interacting with Mercon Benefit Services. Register today for access to the Employee Portal.

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    Employer Portal

    If you are an employer wishing to submit a remittance, view current or previous remittances or view benefit plan coverages, log in to this secure employer portal.

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